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Posted by Clover Imaging Group EMEA on Jan 17, 2022 2:43:08 PM
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In the post-pandemic economy, more businesses are looking for cost-effective ways to grow their customer base — and revenue. Although the economies of European Union (EU) businesses were not all affected at the same rate, there is no denying that businesses were devastated by the coronavirus pandemic during 2020. With the 2021 economic growth forecast lowered to 4.2%, it is expected to take at least two years for the EU’s economy to return to pre-pandemic health.

One smart, effective, and low-cost way of reaching out to customers and growing business is through email marketing. It has a 66% conversion rate and incredible return on investment (ROI). In fact, you can receive €34 for every €1 you spend on an email campaign. That makes it 40% more effective than social media at bringing new customers to your door. As a bonus, it also helps with customer engagement and retention.

For EU businesses, however, you must be aware of, and abide by, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). To be compliant, you should have a strict email subscription policy in place to ensure prospective clients have provided explicit consent for you to send them emails. You should have a double opt-in in place to account for accidental or fraudulent requests as well as easy opt-outs and a number of other consumer protections in place.

Once that’s been done, you are well on your way to growing your email list. Here are five other tasks to complete to get your email marketing machine started.

Build Your Email List in Five Easy Steps

The following are a shortlist of basic resources you will need to build your email marketing list:

1. A Dedicated Website

Your website is critically important to growing your email list. Here, visitors can opt-in to email correspondence, typically by trading their email address for something of value such as a white paper, infographic, cheat sheet, or more. While your site may have many pages, the most popular page on most websites is the About Us page. If you place a subscription opt-in in a pop-up on this page, you may enjoy a better subscription rate — up to 158% higher — to your email list.

2. An Understanding of Your Target Audience

You will need to know exactly who your optimal customer is and how they live, work, and play in order to create a website designed to thrill and engage them. Marketers do this by creating a marketing persona, which is an archetype of your typical customer. This persona will display specific demographics, buying habits, and other behavioural patterns that you have gleaned through market research, web analytics, interviews, surveys, and more.

3. A Powerful Call to Action

Once you have a website where customers can gather — and you understand who your perfect customer is — you can create a powerful call to action (CTA) that will encourage subscription to your email list. Creating a powerful CTA means speaking the language of your customer’s persona. For example, rather than simply asking them to, “Click here,” you can say, “Start Increasing Your Revenue Now,” or something similarly intriguing.

4. A Strong Social Media Presence

Eight out of every ten EU businesses use social media to market products and build their image and customer base. Not only can you raise your company’s profile, but you can use social media to build customer engagement, get their opinions, increase customer satisfaction by responding to questions, and more.

5. Strong Content for Higher Subscription Rates

To encourage prospects to opt-in to your email list, you will need to offer them value-added content. Offering robust, actionable content for free on your website builds your credibility and industry authority and can help your message and values resonate with your customer. If visitors to your site have access to truly valuable information, they are more likely to consent to email marketing. Be sure to add a strong CTA and opt-in information at the end of each content post to help drive subscriptions.

Take Five — When You Need Help Moving Through These Steps

Building an email list can be practically effortless once you have mastered the five simple steps outlined above. However, many companies are working with a small — or even non-existent — marketing or web development team. If that is the case for you, look into hiring a marketing company that specialises in your industry to help you build a website, develop personas, and write targeted, compelling content that drives engagement and subscription rates.

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