Conquering Digital Fear: Responding to LinkedIn Posts for Amplified Results

Posted by Clover Imaging Group EMEA on Jan 17, 2022 2:38:47 PM
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Savvy professionals and companies alike agree that LinkedIn is the premier social media platform to attract professional attention. For those ready to discover new opportunities, a LinkedIn profile is a crucial element for success, the perfect vehicle for showcasing your successes and skills for prospective employers. But there is one sticking point — if jobs providers don’t specifically land upon your profile, it’s hard to get the attention you need.

Helping your profile stand out from the crowd is one way to catch the eye of the right employer and positioning yourself as an industry authority can help you do just that. In fact, it increases your chances of finding a position that is perfect for your skillset — and your career goals. The good news is, to achieve the impact your profile needs, just takes minutes each day. Through thoughtful comments on posts by people with whom you’d like to connect, thought leaders in your industry, or companies you’d like to work with, you can get much more exposure for your profile.

Engaging with the LinkedIn community and building strong relationships is LinkedIn’s raison d’etre, but to participate you must do more than just click that “like” button — you must create real conversation around topics — an activity that can cause serious anxiety. This “digital fear” is the very thing keeping lots of solid professionals from building the visibility and attention they need for networking results.

But don’t worry — beating digital fear is easy if you have the right know-how and we are about to show you exactly what to do to banish it completely.

Get the Skills You Need to Establish Your Profile on LinkedIn and Banish Digital Fear for Good

At the basis of your networking efforts is LinkedIn’s algorithm. This algorithm tracks your comments, like, shares, and reaction as you use the platform. But it pays special attention to promote relevant content, so engaging with other authors in the comments section can help establish both the post — and commenters — as subject matter experts.

But many users hesitate when it comes to commenting rather than simply pressing the “like” button, thinking:

  • Does this sound like a silly thing to say?
  • What if what I post is controversial?
  • What if . . . “

Don’t overthink it. It’s easier than you think to compose a comment that empowers your personal brand, builds authority, and boosts profile views. Simply follow these few tips:

Tip #1: Read Carefully

First, read the post. Sounds basic, but many overlook it and end up with bland comments such as “Nice post!” or even comments that are off topic, insulting the author, and signalling a lazy attitude.

Do it better: LinkedIn posts are not time-consuming. Spend a few minutes and read carefully before crafting a targeted response.

Tip #2: Think About It

Generic comments not only insult the original poster, but they waste readers’ time and make them seem careless.

Do it better: Choose one or two critical points in the original post to respond to and then write several sentences which explain your agreement or dissent.

Tip #3: Keep It Short and Sweet

The European Union (EU) has 163 million LinkedIn users. Over half of them access LinkedIn on mobile phones, so big blocks of texts from wordy comments can be annoying and cause readers to skip ahead.

Do it better: Stick to short, two-sentence paragraphs and use white space between paragraphs for easy reading.

Tip #4: Forget External Links

Linking to external sources, especially the self-promoting kind, is a definite no-no on LinkedIn. In fact, linking to external sources is seen by both platforms and users as a spammy practice.

Do it better: Limit the use of external links unless you are running out of space and need to clarify a point. Absolutely no linking to sites promoting yourself, though.

Tip #5: Branch Out

Mentioning the author or other commenters can help spread the love — and your influence.

Do it better: Authors and commenters love being mentioned or tagged. Generating this kind of goodwill can help your visibility and help you grow your connections.

Rule #6: Can’t Reply? Then Question!

If you truly can’t think of something to say regarding the post, ask a pertinent question to engage the other or other commenters.

Do it better: This strategy showcases your curiosity and analytical ability, boosting engagement and turning the spotlight on your assets.

Now Go Ahead and Comment!

At Clover Imaging Group (CIG), we enjoy networking with our dealer partners, our customers, jobseekers, and other users on LinkedIn. Now that you know how to banish your digital fear, we’d love to see your insightful, profile-boosting comments on the platform and start a conversation!

If you want to boost visibility and try out your new skills, just comment on one — or more — of our posts. Looking forward to reading your thoughts! #STOPDIGITALFEAR

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