Convert Your Customers from OEM to Remanufactured Cartridges for Measurable Benefits

Posted by Clover Imaging Group EMEA on Jan 17, 2022 2:12:01 PM
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Like the rest of the world, the European Union (EU) is suffering the aftereffects of the coronavirus pandemic. The economy is experiencing an uneven recession that may persist into the coming years. Businesses are reeling — not only from supply chain disruption and other economic impacts, but also from having to rethink how they provide services and how they structure their workforce. All of this has resulted in businesses being more focused than ever on bottom line health.

Regardless of whether they are large or small, working in a traditional office or moving to a remote or hybrid workforce, the core of most business operations is office equipment consisting of printers and copiers that are notorious consumers of a pricey commodity — ink and toner cartridges.

When you consider that the average employee uses 10,000 sheets of paper each year, it’s obvious that much of the budget ends up in printer or copier ink and toner. Once you realize that even a micro-sized business can have up to nine employees, you begin to understand the breadth of cost this level of printing represents.

But wouldn’t it be wonderful if you had the power to help your customers save up to 25% — or maybe even more —off their current toner costs? You can, if you convert them from costly OEM ink and toner cartridges to high-quality remanufactured cartridges.

The Many Advantages of Remanufactured Cartridges

Lower pricing is not the only advantage of switching from OEM to remanufactured cartridges. While industry-leading printer manufacturers often pepper their owner’s manuals with dire warnings about substituting lower cost remanufactured cartridges for OEM, you must remember that this is to their advantage since every OEM printer means more money in their pockets.

What they fail to mention in their manuals is that once your customer makes the switch, they’ll get many other advantages beyond price. Let’s look at the whole picture:

1. Savings on Cost

Since we have already mentioned it, we will start with cost. Up to 90 percent of the cost of ownership of a standard laser printer actually comes from continuing purchases of toner cartridges. For some commercial models, the cost of OEM cartridges can add up to an unbelievable €6,821 annually.

However, if your customers are willing to switch to high-quality remanufactured cartridges that provide the same — or better — outputs, they can save up to 30 percent over the life of their equipment. That is a lot of money for your bottom line! For dealers that wish to concentrate on sales of remanufactured cartridges, there is an added advantage of a higher profit margin on remanufactured over OEM toner cartridges. While OEM brands only net suppliers a tiny 10% profit margin, the sale of reputable aftermarket cartridges brings substantial 40% to 50% margins for much higher profits.

2. A Boost in Sustainability

OEM cartridges are a significant contributor to our burgeoning landfills, with over 375 million of them thrown away each year. Not only do they leach toxic chemicals into the soil, but they also can take up to 1000 years to decompose successfully, making them a huge liability to the health of our planet — and our populations. While we have made great strides in reducing waste and helping to reduce carbon emissions in the EU, consumers want more. One study showed that 90% of European consumers expect the brands they associate with to be committed to environmental responsibility. And guess what the third most important concern was? Product manufacturing.

That alone makes buying remanufactured cartridges a smart choice for eco-conscious businesses. Every remanufactured cartridge purchased by your customer helps them be more environmentally responsible — a trait that can help them gain the trust and loyalty of their own customer bases. With your partnership with reliable, progressive cartridge remanufacturers like Clover Imaging Group, you can also offer effective recycling programs that make it simple for customers to return empty cartridges and contribute to our goal of a circular economy.

3. Guaranteed Quality

There is no need to worry about the quality of Clover remanufactured cartridges. Not only have they been completely dismantled and assessed, but all moving and worn parts have been replaced. Finally, it is refilled with toner that is a perfect match for the OEM cartridge it is replacing and subjected to quality control standards. That means that it can produce the same crisp, clear pages — or even better ones — than the OEM brand. And we not only provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee, but we specifically indemnify our dealer partners and their customers against IP litigation.

The Final Word — Flexibility and Freedom

Finally, since purchasing remanufactured cartridges contributes to lowering the overall cost of consumables, it gives your customers the ability to arrange print workstations exactly where they are needed most. For example, placing several smaller laser printers throughout the office environment rather than using just one larger printer may seem counterproductive based on the higher cost-per-page. But, by leveraging their savings from remanufactured toner, your clients will have access to the capital needed to design their printer fleet to best suit their workflow.

If you’re ready to convert your customers from OEM to remanufactured cartridges, contact a Clover representative and get started today.


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